Pilot Namiki Aya Fountain Pen - Tokiwa Green

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Pilot Namiki Aya Fountain Pen - Tokiwa Green (Evergreen)

Tokiwa (Evergreen): a Japanese word for "something that will never change." This design expresses the evergreen trees on a mountain that flourish without their leaves losing color, even in winter. Dried green lacquer powders are applied with varying intensities to symbolize the landscapes of mountains using gradient coloring. Crushed abalone shells and gold-flat powders are used in the background to evoke a starry night.

Each pen in Namiki's Aya Collection features urushi lacquer of a different hue to evoke natural imagery, rendered through the Togidashi Maki-e (Burnished Maki-e) technique: After the background and scenery are painted with lacquer, gold or silver powder is sprinkled over it and it is sealed with urushi lacquer. When the lacquer has dried, the surface is lightly burnished with charcoal, revealing the design underneath.

The fountain pens in Namiki's Aya Collection feature a classical vest-type body and a No. 30 18-karat gold nib with the snow cap on Mt. Fuji rendered with rhodium plating. They have been made by Kokkokai, a group of artisans renowned for their maki-e designs; they originally formed in 1931 around Gonroku Matsuda.

  • #30 18k gold nib with rhodium accents
  • CON-70 converter & blue ink cartridge included 
  • Cleaning cloth included, along with Use & Care Guide for Namiki
  • Packaged in a wooden box with Namiki branding
  • For a close-up and 360-degree view of the motif, feel free to refer to its listing on Pilot-Namiki's website here
  • Lifetime warranty under Pilot
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