Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Doraemon Series - Grey Barrel/Green Cap

This is a very special Pilot Kakuno featuring Doraemon, the earless robot cat from the future! Doraemon is a classic and beloved manga and television series that's popular all around the world. It follows Nobita-kun, a young boy who's kind and honest, but he's always getting into mischief. Enter: Doraemon, a robot cat from the future who has a four-dimensional pocket with many high-tech gadgets to help Nobita-kun overcome his troubles. Together, Nobita-kun & Doraemon go on many adventures and learn lots of lessons along the way.

This Kakuno features Doraemon in a classic pose from the series. Doraemon often makes this puckered lips face.

The Kakuno Fountain Pen is suitable for beginners, and even children can write comfortably with it. It features a smiling face on the nib, so that the smiling face is always facing you when you're holding the pen correctly. The pen body is hexagonal so that if you set it down, it won't roll away.

The name "Kakuno" is based on and pronounced the same as the words 書くの meaning "writing" and 6角の meaning "six-angles" corresponding to the pen's hexagonal shape.