Pilot Juice Paint Marker - Pastel Color - Extra Fine

Pastel Yellow
Pastel Green
Pastel Blue
Pastel Violet
Pastel Pink

Pilot Juice Paint Markers use their signature water-based pigment ink series called "Juice", making them great for writing or drawing vividly on various porous materials like cardboard, fabrics, dark paper, and non-porous materials like plastic, glass and metal. The pastel-colored "Juice" ink glides smoothly on paper, doesn't bleed, and appears bright and milky on even dark surfaces. Featuring a hexagonal shape that makes it easy to grip, this fast-drying paint marker can work well for posters, sketching, drawing, lettering, and art-making. 

Before use, shake the marker with the cap on about 20 times after you hear a clicking sound. Please make sure the cap is on so that the pen tip doesn't fall out. Afterwards, press the marker tip on scrap paper until the ink comes out. Be careful not to press too much as the ink can overflow. It is not recommended to store the marker with the tip pointing downwards. The Extra Fine marker produces a line approximately 0.7 mm wide.

  • Paint Ink works on nearly all surfaces
  • Finished markings have a matte finish
  • Permanent, waterproof, non-toxic and resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • Produces a line approximately 0.7mm wide
  • Available Colors: White, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Green,  Pastel Blue, Pastel Violet, Pastel Pink.
  • Also Available as Set of 6
  • Available in Metallic Colors