Pilot iro-utsushi Dip Pen - Wooden


The Pilot iro-utsushi is a dipping pen with a non-removable stainless steel nib. The pen comes with a wooden holder and the nib already attached to the holder. Unlike many dip pens that have a pointed tip on the nib, the iro-utsushi tip is rounded like a standard fountain pen for a smooth writing experience. The wooden pen body even adds a more comfortable touch to your writing journey with this dip pen. This dip pen is perfect for those who are new to dip pens because the tip will not rust and requires minimal prep before you can start writing. To use, first dip the nib in water and wipe clean. Then, dip in your ink color of choice and submerge the nib up to the wavy line engraved on the nib. Before switching ink colors, be sure to clean the nib in water and wipe it dry. The iro-utsushi dip pen is meant for those who are already fountain user but want to enjoy a wider range of ink colors, or for those who a finer writing tip than glass dipping pens usually provide. 

  • Available in F and M nib sizes
  • Material: Wood Handle, Steel Alloy Nib
  • Length: 5.7in ( 14.4cm), Diameter: 1.07cm
  • Non-removable nib