Pilot Dr. Grip - THE Dr. GRIP Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm

Dark Gray

Pilot Dr. Grip - The Dr. Grip Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm

Dr. Grip is an ergonomic pencil and pen line first released from Pilot in 1991, designed for the most comfortable, fatigue-free writing all day long. It features a grip section that is double-layered, which means the outer layer is firm while the inner layer is soft, providing a balance between comfort and support when gripping the pencil while writing. The tip of all Dr. Grip writing utensils are weighted, making the pen easy to write with even with minimal pressure. For all these ergonomic features combined, the Dr. Grip original pencil has been awarded a "Commendation for Ease-of-Use" by the Arthritis Foundation.

This pencil features the original "The Dr. Grip" design, fitted with a comfortable grip section, weighted tip, and an eraser placed conveniently below the cap. The eyelet "clip" allows you to add a charm or clip for personalization. 

This mechanical pencil is a "shaker pencil" type, which means you can shake the pencil to move the weighted gear within the pencil, which in effect, "clicks" the lead out. To activate shaker mode, simply twist the body until the "Fure Fure Lock" is no longer aligned with the notch on the grip section. The lead will then advance with the natural shaking motion of your wrist. When done writing, or to avoid the lead advancing mistakenly and breaking off repeatedly in a pen case or pocket, twist the body back so that the notch and "Fure Fure Lock" are aligned. You can still use the pencil in locked mode, simply click the knock to advance the lead like a normal pencil. 

  • 0.5mm mechanical pencil
  • HB lead included
  • Eraser