Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen - Nuance Colors

Pink Purple
Pale Pink
Coral Orange
Pale Orange
Olive Green
Light Green
Lime Green
Emerald Green
Turquoise Green
Pale Blue
Grey Blue
Blue Violet
Light Violet
Light Grey
Blue Black
Pale Brown
Dark Brown

Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen. The sign pen is an average size marker pen with a flexible tip that allows you to easily control many variations of line widths. The tip is slightly stiff but also elastic so it is quick to adjust to its feel. The original series offers vibrant, classic colors while the nuance series offers subtle colors with more variety. The Touch Sign is perfect for beginners who would like to start practicing calligraphy.

Nine years after the original touch brush sign pen, Pentel released 12 new nuance colors in 2020, and 6 more in 2023. These new colors will be part of the regular color lineup in addition to the original 12.

  • Available in: Pale Blue, Burgundy, Blue Violet, Pale Pink, Pink Purple, Olive Green, Pale Brown, Turquoise Green, Light Grey, Light Green, Blue Black.
  • New 2023 Colors: Coral Orange, Pale Orange, Lime Green, Emerald Green, Light Violet, Dark Brown 
  • Not refillable
  • Original 12 colors: Touch Brush Sign Pen