Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil - 0.7mm


Pentel Kerry mechanical pencil. Kerry was first introduced in 1971 and named ‘万年CIL’ (Kerry).  The term ‘万年’ implies fountain pen, and that’s what Pentel had in mind. Around the same period, Pilot had come up with many pocket-sized fountain pens such as Vanishing Point and the Elite series. And just like the Elite series, Kerry features small body with a long cap. When the pencil is capped, the cap extends the small body to regular size, and the tip of the cap becomes the push button for the mechanical pencil. The body is thicker than a normal pencil especially the center of the body. Overall it is well-balanced with a classic look.

The caps have metallic finishes while the barrels are ever so slightly darker and subtly pearlescent, lending a balanced finish to the mechanical pencil. 

  • Length (capped): 4.9 in (12.4 cm) 
  • Length (cap posted on back): 5.2 in (13.2 cm)
  • Eraser in cap
  • Uncap the pencil and click the cap into place on the back in order to advance the lead and use the pencil