Pentel Kirari Pocket Brush Pen


The Pentel Kirari Pocket Brush Pen was released as part of Pentel's "Kirari" series of products, meant to help you write beautiful characters. These pens are identical to Pentel's well-known Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, a favorite among artists and calligraphers alike since its incredibly flexible brush tip allows you to create both thin and thick expressive strokes. The Kirari versions come in shimmery metallic bodies and soft colors. Unlike other brush pens, this one can be easily refilled with a cartridge.

This brush pen was designed slightly shorter than Pentel’s original brush pen so that it can fit in your breast pocket. It also has a clip to attach to your notebook, perfect for artists who are on the go!
  • Synthetic fiber brush pen
  • Black pigment ink
  • Package includes brush pen and 2 replacement ink cartridges
  • Refill: Pentel FP10 cartridges