Pentel Graph 1000 PG1005 Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm - Gradation

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The Graph 1000 Series from Pentel is a professional level drafting mechanical pencil. The production of this series started since 1986, and it has been favored by professionals for its durability. The metallic case grants a certain weight to the pencil without making it too heavy. Moreover, the weight of the pencil feels balanced (unlike typical plastic barrel pencils), but the center of the mass shifts slightly to the tip of the pencil. It holds nicely in the hand, and it comes with rubber grip. Lead advancement is precise and the metal sleeve holds the lead securely. 

These Gradation color versions are limited editions originally released in Korea. While the classic Graph 1000 mechanical pencil is all-black, sleek and professional in appearance, these Gradation colors are beautiful and fun, allowing you to express the more artistic side of yourself in your same favorite pencil.

  • Pentel Graph 1000 - PG1005
  • Lead size: 0.5mm
  • Each click gives precise lead advance
  • Eraser cap can rotate to indicate lead grade
  • Balanced weight
  • Graph 1000 Limited 7
  • Release: December 2019 
  • 0.5mm lead available