Pentel Fude Pigment Ink Brush Pen - Black


The Pentel Fude Pigment Ink Brush Pen are refillable, easy-to-use brush pens that comes with a pigment ink cartridge. It has soft, synthetic bristle brushes, and can be used to create expressive brush strokes while hand-lettering, writing calligraphy, or drawing. It also comes in a variety of size options. This brush pen uses waterproof pigment ink, and allows you to color it over with watercolor or other water-based pens or markers.

Before using, unscrew the brush section(clear section) of the pen from the pen barrel (gray section) and remove the red separation ring. Then screw the brush section back on. Hold the brush pen vertically with the brush section facing down, and slightly squeeze the plastic barrel multiple times to encourage ink flowing out of the cartridge. You will be able to see ink flowing down through the clear plastic section, and the brush pen will be able to write when it is fully saturated with ink.

  • Synthetic bristle brush
  • Available in Extra Fine or Medium
  • Pigment black ink
  • Water-resistant
  • Refills available