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Pentel Energel Philography - Yoseka Green - 0.5mm

Made in collaboration with Pentel, this Yoseka Green Energel Philography comes in a matte body with a classic sleek professional look. Pentel's Energel Philography pen dates back to Yoseka's earliest pop-up days when this pen was one of our most gift-worthy selections and it appealed to many different pen lovers from those who preferred a quick-drying ballpoint pen to a smooth-writing gel pen or the boldness of a rollerball. It was a pen that was made in Taiwan and we would also share this proudly with our customers. After all these years, Pentel Energel continues to be a staple of Yoseka's pen offerings and Philography's timeless body is also compatible with any Energel refill. 

Our word this year is Home.  In Yoseka and the stationery community, Neil and I have found our own home, a place we dreamt up and built together tiny piece by tiny piece with the help of many hands along the way. Here, we’ve found someplace where we can feel inspired by the constant flow of creativity around us; where we feel daily joy brought to us by countless kindnesses shown by friends in the community; a space where we feel safe to pursue our wildest goals and dreams; and here at Yoseka, we find all those great things many only feel in the comfort of their own homes. 
This Yoseka Green Energel Philography is a foundational piece of our Yoseka Home and we are so honored to be able to add this edition in our favorite color. Included with every pen is a matching pen sleeve with Yoseka logo. 
  • Refillable
  • 0.5mm
  • Black Ink
  • Refill: LRP5-A 0.5mm, 0.7mm

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