Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Marker

Black + Metallic Red
Blue + Metallic Green
Green + Metallic Blue
Orange + Metallic Yellow
Pink + Metallic Pink
Violet + Metallic Blue

These Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Markers have unique glitter ink that changes color depending on the viewing angle and looks different when written on black paper or white paper. These brush markers have smooth ink flow and make you feel as though you're painting with a traditional brush! To expel the ink and adjust ink flow, simply shake the marker and pump the clicker at the top. These markers are great for calligraphy, decorating holiday and birthday cards, and adding a little sparkle and awe to your artwork. 

  • Available in Black + Metallic Red, Blue + Metallic Green, Green + Metallic Blue, Orange + Metallic Yellow, Pink + Metallic Pink, Violet + Metallic Blue, Gold, and Silver
  • Also available as a Set of 8