P-Clips - Paper Clips

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These P-Clips by Midori are paper clips born from paper. Both the clips and their box is made sustainably from several layers of raw, unprocessed paper which is soft to the touch, durable, and kind to the environment.
Each box contains 16 clips in four different colors (black, white, red, and grey). They come in eight adorable animal designs: Elephant, Owl, Cat, Penguin, Dog, Rabbit, Whale, and Bear.
  • 16 paper clips per box
  • Contains a mix of 4 different colors (black, white, red, grey)
  • Can hold up to 10 pieces of copy paper together
  • Available in: Elephant, Owl, Cat, Penguin, Dog, Rabbit, Whale, Bear
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About Midori:

Midori began as a Japanese paper product manufacturing company producing mainly writing paper, notebooks, and sketchbooks in 1950. Their name Midori means “green” in Japanese and is inspired partly by the lush green blades of grass and weeds growing in the burnt fields in postwar Japan. They’ve since expanded their product offering to include all sorts of stationery goods, including the famous Traveler’s Notebook which has many fans across the globe.