OURS x Koopa - On the Chair Stamp

OURS x Koopa - On the Chair Stamp
A new adorable design by Koopa, this stamp encourages you to decorate your journal or notebook just like your home, one little spot at a time! This cute catch-all chair holds a picturesque lansdscape photo, a vase, and plant to spruce up the corner of your page.
  • Rubber Stamp with Wood Handle
  • Package Dimensions: 52 x 30 x 24 mm
  • Also Available - On the Wall Stamp
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About OURS:
OURS Friends of Forest, established in 2013, is founded by a group of friends in Taiwan who loves planners and illustrations. OURS means "bear" in French, and their collaborations feature inspirations from nature, antique and symbols. Their Washi, stamps and stationery are based off of their illustrations and inspirations from various projects.