Oeda Letterpress

Oeda Letterpress - Message Pad

Frame Dark Grey
Classic Royal Blue
Noble Bronze

Write a letter to a loved one, a poem or lyrics on these carefully crafted message pads. The letterpress printing technique used on these message pads leaves each sheet of paper with tactile imprint where the metal press was used to create the design and also ensures that there will be slight differences on each sheet. We love the depth that you can feel as you run your finger down the paper's surface and feel the design. Each sheet fits into a standard size envelope without folding for a neat finish on your precious letters! 

  • 30 sheets 
  • Dimensions: 95 x 148mm
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Oeda Letterpress is a small letterpress studio based in Osaka, Japan. Their team consists of two talented designers who produce handmade products in small batches. Their style is simple yet delicate, making each design timeless and perfect for journaling of any kind!