NJK Retro Animal Pencil Sharpener - Squirrel

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A reproduction of NJK's very popular animal pencil sharpeners from the 1960's these funky sharpeners are made in bright colors and with retro animal illustrations reminiscent of cartoons from the 60's. Of course, they also come with NJK's famously sharp blade for sharpening. 
  • Dimensions: 4.0 cm x 4.3 cm x 1.3 cm 

About NJK:

NJK, or Nakajima Jukyudo, is a Japanese pencil sharpener company that values the “spirit of waste.” NJK originally began as a manufacturer of pen shafts and tobacco pipes in 1933 but shifted to producing high quality pencil sharpeners after they developed their own plastic molding machine. During WWII, there was a shortage of petrochemical materials and they could no longer produce the pen shafts and tobacco pipes they were previously making. After the war, however, they shifted to mass production of plastic pencil sharpeners. Over the years, NJK established their reputation in the pencil sharpener market domestically and worldwide with plastic pencil sharpeners that were not only endearing and fun, but also incredibly sharp.