Nicoma Hidden Picture Rubber Stamps

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These Nicoma Hidden Picture Rubber Stamps are meant to make you smile and bring joy to those you write messages to. Niko means to "grin or smile pleasantly." Half of the stamp's image is one thing while the other half reveals a brand new picture. You're meant to stamp this image and then fold the paper up to conceal the other half. The artwork is of each stamp is adorable and each one's name is Japanese wordplay...

    • Noodle Girl - メンクイガール - メンクイ (men kui) can mean both eating noodles and someone who is only interested in looks. ガール (garu) means girl. 
    • Banzai Cake - バンザイケーキ - When you yell "Banzai!" you're supposed to raise your hands up. However, it also resembles chef hats in this stamp!
    • Table Lamperina - テーブルランプリナ - This is a mash up of "table lamp" and "ballerina", hence "table lamperina".
    • Two Cats - ねぇネッコ - ねぇ (ne) is what you usually say to get someone's attention, indicated on the stamp as the hand on the boy's shoulder. ネッコ (nekko) is another way of saying ねこ (neko) or cat
    • Help Me - たすけて - Not really a pun, but a cute (slightly morbid) surprise of a UFO attempting to abduct a cow. たすけて (tasukete) means "Help!" in Japanese.
    • Fight Cake - ふ〜アイト - ふ (fu) is the sound of blowing and it also makes up the Japanese spelling for "fight", which doesn't mean to fight but to keep going. It has the same connotation as "Don't give up!" or "Do your best!"
    • Thank You From A Shark - サメからのありがとう - This is not really a pun either, but "Arigato" is how you say thank you in Japanese so it looks like the peak of the A in Arigato is the shark's fin.

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