Nagasawa Original Fountain Pen - 141st Anniversary Swell - Urban Blue

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Nagasawa Original Fountain Pen - 141st Anniversary Swell - Urban Blue. For Nagasawa's 141st anniversary year, the Swell fountain pen symbolizes Nagasawa's hope to bring power and vitality into the future. The Swell name is meant to bring about the image of a wave, which swells and falls, waxing and waning constantly in motion but always a force. Produced for Nagasawa by Sailor, this fountain pen features a unique pen body different from the typical 1911 and Pro Gear bodies we usually see. Nagasawa has used the pen body mold from their previously released 120th anniversary fountain pen to make Swell. Available in Urban Blue Marble and Amber Marble, the two colors embody two of Nagasawa's most beautiful and beloved fountain pen inks: No. 81 Fukae Urban Blue and No. 8 Arima Amber. 

  • 21k gold nib
  • Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/converter (Sailor proprietary)
  • Cartridge and converter included
  • Serialized out of production of 40; serial number is located on the end finial of the barrel
  • 141st engraving on cap finial
  • Cap ring featuring wide metal design adding additional weight to the center of the pen
  • Cap ring engraved with Nagasawa Since 1882


  • Length (capped): 13.4 cm 
  • Length (posted): 15.2 cm

About Nagasawa:

Nagasawa Bungu Center, also known as Nagasawa Kobe, was founded as a local stationery store in 1882 and seeks to share the beauty of Kobe with stationery lovers around the world. Their original inks and pens are developed closely with Sailor to ensure the quality you expect from Sailor.