MU Lifestyle My Icon Clear Stamp Set - Holiday 2022

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My Icon Stamp is the new series of MU's Splice Stamp including various date elements, special frames, and botanical designs. They can be used individually or combined to create unique date icons on your pages.

These clear stamps are a versatile alternative to the traditional opaque rubber stamps we are used to seeing. To use, peel off the individual stamp from the sheet, place them on the flat side of an acrylic block/ cylinder, and use them just like a regular stamp. You can arrange multiple stamps on a block in whatever design and combination you find pleasing. Since the block and stamps are clear, the stamp can be very precise. For example, you can stamp on the corner of the paper, creating a border or use the stamp to decorate an existing picture or illustration without fear of misalignment or stamping over the edge. Because the stamps are made of a soft silicone-like material instead of the traditional rigid rubber, they can be very detailed and do not require too much pressure to achieve beautiful results. Each stamp sheet comes with multiple stamps, and they are easy to carry around.