mt Tape Cutter - Nano - 20-25mm - Pack of 2

mt Tape Cutter Nano. This tape cutter from mt is easy to use and compact so you can add it to your pencil case for cutting washi on the go. To use this tape cutter, lift a piece of your washi tape from the roll, slide the rolling peg of the tape cutter under the washi and unroll to your desired length. Then, to cut, press down on the serrated edge of the plastic cutter blade and tear off the washi tape. Another useful feature of this washi tape cutter is that it also acts as a stand for your washi tape so that it doesn't roll away. 

  • Comes in a set of two (red and grey)
  • For washi tape 20-25mm wide
  • mt nano tape cutter also available in 15mm and 30mm