mt pocket Washi Tape - mizutama - Cream Soda

mt pocket tapes from mt are a new way of envisioning washi tape. Instead of a fully adhesive backside, only the sides of the tape strip are adhesive, opening up many new possibilities for crafting and using washi tape in your journal. mt suggests that you use these tapes to create instant pockets in your notebooks, cutting off your desired length, taping them into your notebook covers and then taping down the open end, thus creating a quick pocket in your notebook wherever you need one. These tapes come in much wider varieties so you can make pockets for scraps of paper, postcards, polaroids, and much more.

Beyond pockets, you can also make an adorable envelope for a note by folding the tape around the intended message three times, leaving an envelope flap, or create your own gift bag by cutting off a longer piece of the tape and folding it in half such that the adhesive strips completely meet each other. There are so many possibilities with these mt pocket tapes. What will you come up with?

115 mm × 5 m
4.5 inches x 16.5 feet

  • Two thin adhesive strips along the sides of the tape allow you to create your own pockets in your notebooks