Miniature Stationery Supplies Keychain - 4th Season

These hyper realistic miniature stationery supplies are the perfect addition to your keys. Curated by "stationery sommelier" Kan Misato (@kanmisato), the fourth installation of this series feature brands you know and love, such as Shachihata and Kutsuwa. This makes a cute gift and keepsake for any stationery lover to keep these mini versions of their favorites on the go! 

Each Kenelephant 'Miniature Mascot' box holds a secret mini stationery model. This makes for a fun surprise. Try your luck to see which one you get! There are five total stationery items available to complete this collection, along with a special "rare version" of one item.

  • Models include:
    • Pentel Correction Fluid
      • Rare item: Special red quick-dry edition
    • Shachihata Two-Color Stamp Pad and Stamp
    • Kyowa O'band Pure Rubber Bands
    • Teranishi Magic Rasshon Pen Set
    • Kutsuwa Magnetic Flap Pencil Case


KENELEPHANT specializes in making detailed miniatures of everything from sake bottles to power tools. These small miniature figures and keychains are popularly sold in Japan in capsule toy machines called gachapon. Much like a gumball machine, you insert a coin, turn the crank and a capsule with a random toy inside pops out!

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