Midori - XS Stationery - Compact Scissors


Midori - XS Stationery - Compact Scissors

Midori's XS (Extra Small) series consists of mini stationery tools that are both functional and small enough to travel with you. Winner of the Good Design Award for its compact functionality, each tool in the XS series has been optimized to prioritize usability, portability, and ease of storage. The longest item in the series is just 76 mm long, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, pocket, and pen case. All items are available in black, white, dark red, or navy blue with gold accents.

The Compact Scissors use a sliding button to extend the cutting blades for a full-size pair of scissors. The sliding button has a lock mechanism - the scissor blades will not extend unless you press the button to slide. When finished, press the button and slide back to retract the scissors for safe and compact storage.  

About Midori:

Midori began as a Japanese paper product manufacturing company producing mainly writing paper, notebooks, and sketchbooks in 1950. Their name Midori means “green” in Japanese and is inspired partly by the lush green blades of grass and weeds growing in the burnt fields in postwar Japan. They’ve since expanded their product offering to include all sorts of stationery goods.