Midori Magnet Penholder

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This Midori Magnet Penholder is meant to add a handy pen loop to many different surfaces. It comes in two parts - one half of the magnet has an adhesive backing, and the other half has an expandable wire pen loop. To use it, simply remove the adhesive backing and stick the magnet to your favorite notebook, bag, or even wall surface. Then, hook your pen in the pen loop.

The magnet allows you to quickly pick up your pen without having to take it out of the pen loop, and quickly reattach and secure your pen.

  • Expandable wire loop
  • 2 part magnet system
  • Available in: Black, Gold, Silver
  • Note: If the wire loop is expanded to far or forcefully, it might not return to its original shape
  • WARNING: California's Proposition 65