Midori Color Pens for Paintable Stamp

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The Midori Color Pens are dual-ended marker pens meant to be used alongside Midori's Paintable Stamp or Rotating Paintable Stamp. The water-based ink of the marker and pen won't smudge or smear the ink from the oil-based stamps, making them perfect for coloring in, decorating, and writing over the stamp lines. The "writing" end comes with a 0.5mm felt tip pen. An innovative plastic housing around the felt tip ensures that the point will stay sharp and won't bend or split like a typical felt-tip marker. The "painting" end comes with a firm brush tip marker.

The case can be folded and used as a pen stand. Each set comes with 6 colors:

  • Relaxing Colors
    • Mint Green
    • Ocean Blue
    • Violet
    • Cosmos Pink
    • Magenta
    • Cashmere (Gray)
  • Positive Colors
    • Forest Green
    • Olive Green
    • Mustard Yellow
    • Mandarin Orange
    • Rose Pink
    • Cappuccino Brown 
  • Happy Colors
    • Coral Pink
    • Canary Yellow
    • Emerald Green
    • Aqua Blue
    • Night Blue
    • Chocolate Brown


The stamps are a great tool for planning, journaling and letter- and note-writing, and because the ink is oil-based, you can color in and around the designs with the Midori Color Pens without fear of smearing or smudging the stamped ink.  

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