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Meow Barber - Pork Floss Cat Pin

Meow Barber Pin - Pork Floss Cat Pin
Pork Floss Cat loves to eat pork floss, so his month is always covered with leftover pork floss.
  • Embroidery thread with pin
  • The package is 3" x 3"

In Cat Village, there’s a Meow Barber owned by a black cat with yellow eyes and a face that’s always grumpy. Every cat calls him Badkitty. This shop provides haircut and mustache trimming services. The price for each cutting or trimming is a Sanma fish.

About superB studio:

superB studio was founded in July 2013 in Taiwan. The illustration features a world of cute animals, each with its own quirky, cute personality. The cards are adorable and full of humor.