MD Notebook Light - A7 - Grid

MD Notebook by Midori, a Japanese company that specializes in paper since 1960. Other than the small embossing of MD Paper, the notebook is simplistic and perhaps plain. Midori wants to emphasize the quality of the paper and your writing experience. The pen glides on the paper, and the paper does not bleed, ghost and feather. The touch and feel of the texture of the paper and the cover cannot convey through picture. We encourage you to come try them out in person with us.

MD Notebook Light comes in a set of 3 slim, lighter-weight notebooks. The Notebook Light was designed to be portable and easier to carry around so that you can always jot down an idea on the go. You can even fold the pages all the way around, allowing you to hold the notebook in one hand while sketching or writing freely with the other. Each notebook contains 48 pages, and each set comes with index tabs since these slimmer notebooks might easily be used for different chapters or subjects. If you would like to use the Notebook Light with an MD Notebook Cover, two notebooks will fit into one notebook cover.