MD Cotton Letter Pad Horizontal - Ruled

Instead of the standard B5 size, the MD Cotton Letter Pad is designed in its own unique size. MD believes that this is the perfect size to provide comfort when writing letters. MD calculated the average handwriting size used by Japanese people when writing letters, and ruled the lines at just the right length for natural line breaks. The lines themselves are a refined light gray that will provide a guide for your writing without being too obtrusive.

MD's signature Cotton paper was developed in 2013, with cotton pulp used for 20% of the materials, giving it a soft, fuzzy texture. Cotton paper is also extremely durable and preservable, and has long enjoyed a reputation as high-quality paper in Europe, where it was used for important paperwork and official documents for centuries. Its fibers are longer and narrower than those of pulp, giving it a smooth, pleasing texture with a softness that feels like it is infused with air.