Life Chit Book - B6 - Lined

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The LIFE Chit Book, now discontinued, is a vintage ledger-style hardcover notebook with a classic rounded-back binding that lets the book lie flat. Blotters in between every page protect fountain pen ink from smudging, and perforated, tear-off corners let you keep track of which page you're on. This Chit Book is a blast from the past — this product debuted in LIFE’s 1960 catalog! 

This Chit Book has a classic page design that is made for its original purpose as an accounting tool where "chits" -- sums owed, payments made, or vouchers -- are recorded and sometimes torn out to be used as receipts. However, this format would also be a fun way to plan meals, log workouts, or record study sessions.


  • Size: B6
  • Ruled, ledger-style
  • 8mm (~0.3") line spacing 
  • 11 lines per page, with header and footer space
  • 50 sheets, with a blotter between each sheet


About LIFE:

Established in 1949, LIFE is a historic Japanese stationery maker that is well-known and widely loved for its vintage designs and high standards of quality; their ethos is that “to produce stationery is to create culture.” Rather than using “off-the-shelf” paper, LIFE chose to develop their own paper formula that is comfortable to write on and compatible with fountain pen ink.