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Lennon Tool Bar - 2020 Winter Limited - 蚵仔/Oyster

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Lennon Tool Bar - 2020 Winter Limited - 蚵仔/Oyster. This special edition of Lennon Tool Bar features a gentle black ink, inspired by the oysters found along the western coast of Taiwan and the devoted oyster farmers that work in tandem with the ocean to honor this special harvest each year. The "grey-haired" fishermen implement special farming methods to breed oysters, all the while understanding that a successful harvest is not a guarantee, but rather a blessing from the ocean. This ink color evokes a sense of tranquility and diligence with the deep grey and black shades resembling an oyster's sturdy shell. 

Oysters are an integral part of the ocean because they are filter-feeders, working hard to sift through organic particles while simultaneously improving the quality of their surrounding waters. This ink depicts a symbiotic relationship of sorts between the oysters and those that harvest them. The oysters devote themselves to extending the life of the waters they inhabit and provide sustenance and a way of life for their farmers. 

Nested inside of an embossed metallic foiled, soft grey colored case, the ink bottle rests like a pearl waiting to be discovered. The case includes two booklets (one in Chinese, and one in English) that, along with beautiful illustrations, feature facts about oysters, oyster harvesting methods, stories, several oyster recipes (including one for the renowned Taiwanese oyster omelet), three postcards. 

  • Dye-based Ink
  • 35ml
  • 2 booklets (Chinese/English)
  • 3 postcards
  • 2020 Winter Limited
  • Taiwanese audiobook

About Lennon Tool Bar:
Lennon Tool Bar was founded in 2014 at Tamsui, Taiwan. Initially, it started to promote arts and crafts of Indigo Dyeing, a business that flourished a century ago in Taiwan, and at the time, Taiwan exported a considerable amount of "doroai," or the raw material of colorants used in Indigo Dyeing, to the Japanese Empire. Lennon Tool Bar draws inspiration from the traditional process and the popular colors used in Indigo Dyeing.

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