Lin Chia Ning

LCN Reindeer Antlers Metal Stamp


LCN Reindeer Antlers Metal Stamp

  • Contains 1 stamp
  • Dimensions for large stamp:

    • 1.2 in (3 cm) x 1.2 in (3 cm) 
    • Image dimension: 0.9 in (2.3 cm)

    Dimensions for small stamp

    • 1 in (2.6 cm) x 1 (2.6 cm) 
    • Image dimension: 0.7 in (1.8 cm)  
  • Stamp Dimensions: 1 in (2.6 cm) x 1 (2.6 cm) 
  • Materials: Metal stamp surface, wood handle 
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About LCN:

Lin Chia Ning (LCN) is a talented Taiwanese artist who loves stationery and who loves to hand craft beautiful stationery. Her stationery ranges from her early works of hand carved stamps, washi tapes, dioramas with mushrooms and gemstones, distressed papers, to the recent vintage labels and many of her iconic stamps. She draws inspirations from nature, vintage items and uses watercolor to create an unreal and magical world. On top of her busy life, she’s published a book in Taiwan too! Here are some of her recent designs. And just like her dioramas, each individual box feels like it’s frozen in time in its small magical world.