Lin Chia Ning

LCN 10-Year Anniversary Stationery Box - For Your Mini Journal (Limited Edition)

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Founded in 2012, this year LCN Design Studio celebrates their 10th anniversary with this special 2022 winter-release limited-edition box set. For Your Mini Journal is mini stationery–themed, with miniature tools like label stickers, a beautiful (and functional!) mini brass hand clip, and templates to make mini folders, envelopes, labels, and more.

Each box (11x13x2.8cm) includes the following:

  • LCN x Adorning mini handcrafted brass hand clip with LCN logo tag ( 3.3x1.7cm)
  • Double-sided 1.5cm mini wax seal (1.5x3cm)
  • Mini label stickers (5.4x4.8cm): 60 sheets, not die-cut
  • Mini folder template (4.3x5.9cm)
  • Mini journal template (7.4x5.4cm)
  • Mini envelope template (8.9x7.6cm)
  • Four mini label templates (4.5x5.5cm)
  • Blank notepad for crafting with two different kinds of paper (9.5x11.5cm)
  • Gold-stamping thank-you card

The hand clip is made of uncoated brass, so it will patina over time and develop a unique aged look. It can also be polished to be kept shiny.

The box itself has also been designed to be usable for various storage purposes, with a durable construction and magnetic closure (the ornate keyhole sticker over the closing flap is an especially delightful detail). The lid is decorated with beautiful anniversary stamps, and the box has stunning silver flecks throughout, reminiscent of a starry night sky. 

About LCN:

Lin Chia Ning (LCN) is a talented Taiwanese artist who loves stationery and who loves to hand craft beautiful stationery. Her stationery ranges from her early works of hand carved stamps, washi tapes, dioramas with mushrooms and gemstones, distressed papers, to the recent vintage labels and many of her iconic stamps. She draws inspirations from nature, vintage items and uses watercolor to create an unreal and magical world. On top of her busy life, she’s published a book in Taiwan too! Here are some of her recent designs. And just like her dioramas, each individual box feels like it’s frozen in time in its small magical world.