LAMY Safari Rollerball Pen - Special Edition - Pina Colada

LAMY Safari Rollerball Pen - Special Edition - Pina Colada is one of two colors released in LAMY's 2024 June Special Edition. Like the previous special edition release, these pens are special because they incorporate two different colors into one Safari body! Perfect for Summer, Pina Colada features a bright blue base with a warm yellow grip and clip. 

LAMY Safari Rollerball Pen. The LAMY Safari is probably LAMY's most recognizable and well-known pen design. Developed in the early 1980s, the LAMY Safari has a modern look and feel. The large and prominent clip on the Safari is one of the most noticeable features on the pen and is strong enough to secure the pen onto your notebook or pocket without fear of getting shaken off with movement or activity. LAMY Safari also comes with an ergonomic grip, which has two flattened sides for you to comfortably rest your fingers while holding the pen. The pen barrel is rounded but not completely circular- it has two flat sides to prevent the pen from rolling around when placed down on a flat surface. This rollerball pen offers a very smooth and consistent writing experience and we recommend it to anyone who prefers a broader pen that results in thicker, darker lines when writing.