LAMY 2000 Mechanical Pencil - Stainless Steel - 0.7mm

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LAMY 2000 Mechanical Pencil - Stainless Steel - 0.7mm.
Designed in 1966, the LAMY 2000 is often seen as LAMY's flagship design. It has brushed stainless steel along the pen body and clip. Like the fountain pen counterpart, LAMY 2000 body is widest in the middle of the pen's length and becomes slimmer towards the two ends, giving it a perfect balance. Overall, the fiberglass gives the pencil a lightness, which pairs perfectly with the smoothness of the surface and the sleek simplicity of its design. A spring-loaded pen clip allows you to easily clip the pen to your shirt pocket, backpack pocket or notebook. The LAMY 2000's design is understated and classic with its smooth barrel, subtle branding, and almost invisible seams. 
  • 0.7mm 
  • Brushed stainless steel material
  • Spring-loaded pen clip
  • Eraser located on the back of the pencil 
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