Laconic Style Sticker - Formation

Laconic Style Sticker - Formation

This sticker style memo is able to be attached to your notebook, schedule book, etc. It has a wide variety of uses including schedule management, organizing information, graphing, organizing thoughts, achieving goals, and self-management. The backing card also doubles as a storage pocket to keep the sheets in when not in use.

This Formation memo sticker features two different size court memo stickers, to assist  you to create and visualize a formation or tactical play.

  • Sheet size: 98mm x 128mm
  • Court (L): 90mm x 58mm
  • Court (S): 58mm x 43mm
  • Contains 12 sheets with 1 large court and 2 small courts per sheet

    Laconic is a stationery company based in Japan that focuses on functional designs to enhance creativity.