Laconic Style Notebook - My Life - A5

Laconic Style Notebook - My Life - A5.

This notebook has been designed to preserve a year's memories with pages to list events, record gifts given and received, keep track of to-do lists, make notes of favorites, and even write down recipes. A perfect supplement to a yearly planner or journal and a compact place to look back on memories of your year.

This journal contains:

  • 12 monthly calendar pages (labeled January through December)
  • 8 pages to record gifts received (15 rows each)
  • 8 pages to record gifts given (15 rows each)
  • 6 pages of to-do lists (31 lines each)
  • 20 pages to record recipes, with spaces for ingredients and cooking instructions
  • 6 pages to list favorites (6 per page)
  • 1 back page for personal and emergency contact information 

Additional information:

Laconic is a stationery company based in Japan that focuses on functional designs to enhance creativity.

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