Kyupodo Todai Note - Day

The Kyupodo Todai Note features lined paper that includes coastal motifs dotted throughout the pages, with the first and second half of the notebook featuring slightly different designs to denote the passing of time. 

This notebook is made with Life brand paper so it’s incredibly smooth to write on and works perfectly with fountain pens.

About Kyupodo:

Utilizing the excellent paper and bookbinding skills of LIFE, the Kyupodo brand describes themselves as being “a little strange” and offers a more whimsical take on quality stationery. What started as a post-retirement hobby to transcribe his autobiography and travel journals with letterpress printing turned into a successful letterpress print shop for founder Katsuro Sakai. Today, his grandson Souhei Sakai runs Kyupodo and enjoys incorporating fantasies and story telling into each of these unique stationery items.

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