Kutsuwa Ribbon 2-way Washi Tape Cutter - Heart

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Kutsuwa Ribbonbon 2-way Washi Tape Cutter - Heart

This brand new washi tape cutter from Kutsuwa is designed to cut washi tapes into the silhouette of a house. Each cutter comes with a heart-themed roll ready to be used. You can also use the other end of the cutter to cut out tapes conventionally with a clean trim! When you are finished, you can use any 15mm washi tape with the cutter. 

To use this tape cutter to achieve the heart shape, you have to do two steps! First, after cutting the end of the tape on the  pointed end, you must then pull the pointed end of your tape through the rounded cutter to create the heart shaped tape. Bonus shape is an open book by cutting the tape from the scalloped edge twice! You can also freely use the other end of the cutter to cut out clean edges.

  • For 15mm wide washi tape
  • Recommended to use with washi tape only, not recommended for PET tape
  • Available in Cat and House

About Kutsuwa

Kutsuwa is a Osaka, Japan based stationery company that is established in 1910. It has been developing stationery, school supplies, toys, art supplies, and household goods for over a century. They are grateful and still doing their best to produce stationery that serves almost every generation of students in the modern Japanese society.

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