Kutsuwa K'Zool Pencil Sharpener

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Kutsuwa's K'Zool Pencil Sharpener allows you to sharpen your pencil point to 5 different lengths, making it suitable for pencils of various hardnesses and even soft core pencils such as colored pencils. A spring attached to the inner mechanism of the sharpener blade controls a stopper that slides along the far end of the blade. Turning the dial allows you to control how far down the stopper slides. For a soft core pencil, you may want to slide the stopper all the way down to prevent your pencil point from breaking and for an HB pencil, you can slide the stopper all the way up to allow for the longest and sharpest pencil point. The shorter pencil points will also result in a less pointy pencil point while the longest pencil point will be the sharpest. A triangular indicator window near the dial shows you what setting you are on so you can easily adjust if you are sharpening lots of different pencils at once. When you are tucking your pencil sharpener away in your bag or pen case, use the lock mechanism to close up the sharpener hole and prevent shavings from getting all over your bag. This nifty pencil sharpener was a previous winner of the Good Design Award!

  • Choose between 5 different pencil point lengths
  • Suitable for use with soft core pencils and harder pencils
  • Triangular indicator window shows pencil point length setting 
  • Winner of the Good Design Award
  • Lock mechanism closes the sharpener hole
  • Push button on dial to eject broken-off pieces of pencil tips