Kuru Toga Advance Mechanical Pencil Upgrade Model - 0.5mm

Gun Metallic

The Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil by Uni keeps the lead in your pencil sharp and maintains a consistent lead point through the pencil's gradual rotating mechanism. As you write, each time you lift the pencil up from the paper, the lead is slightly rotated, preventing a slanted edge from forming and inconsistent thicknesses in your writing. A transparent window in the grip section of the pencil allows you to track the Kuru Toga logo, a circular loop, and see it moving around the circumference of the pencil as you write--we love watching the loop make its way around and come back! 

The Advance Kuru Toga version rotates twice as fast as regular version (18 degree versus 9 degree) and this Upgraded Model features a sleek and modern design with its rotating mechanism made out of metal parts for a sturdier build. The "Punching Grip" design the Upgrade Model has holes punched into grip section, creating an uneven surface that is easy for holding onto and prevents the pencil from moving around in your hand while writing. This mechanical pencil also features a sliding sleeve design that allows you to keep writing with your pencil without having to click the lead out. The sliding sleeve will adjust to the length of the lead and expose just the right amount for you to write with without interrupting your flow. 

  • 0.5mm
  • Rotating mechanism prevents slanted edge on lead and keeps writing consistent
  • Sliding sleeve allows you to keep writing without having to stop to click and advance lead out
  • Punching Grip 
  • Material: Plastic


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