Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot Marker - 12 Colors Set

Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Dot Marker is a dual-tip marker that allows you to create perfect dots of many sizes offered in 18 different colors. To control the size of the dot, simply adjust the pressure you press down with. For larger dots, press the dot tip all the way into the paper. For smaller dots, apply soft pressure to the dot pen tip. On the other end of the marker, you will find an extra fine plastic-tipped pen. The combination of the 0.5mm fine liner and the 1.0mm to 5.0mm dot tip allows you to use the marker functionally for bullet journaling and habit tracking, or playfully for fun lettering and simple drawings. The Clean Color Dot Marker is great for adding simple illustrations, vines, frames, pointillism art, and more to your paper!

Background and Development of the Clean Color Dot:

The ZIG Clean Color Dot Marker is actually a re-vamped version of the "Dotta・Riffic" Pen, which Kuretake released in 2001. The Dotta-Riffic's body was much bulkier, but had the same capabilities as the Clean Color Dot. With the release of the Clean Color Dot, Kuretake upgraded their innovative, patented dot-tip to be more flexible by using materials that were inspired by cosmetics to keep the tip soft and elastic. 

  • Dual tipped dot and fine line marker
  • Dot tip dimensions: 1.0mm to 5.0mm thickness
  • Fine liner pen dimensions: 0.5mm
  • View demonstration photos for use examples
  • Colors included in set: Candy Pink, Salmon, Island Coral, Summer Sun, Kiwi, Ocean, Bluebonnet, Denim, Splash, Hyacinth, Fawn, and Platinum

Large Dot Heavy Pressure

Small Dot Light Pressure

Combined Fine Liner and Dot Tip Design

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