Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Extra Fine Brush Pen - White

This Zig Cartoonist Extra Fine Brush Pen from Kuretake is designed for illustrators, artists, and cartoonists to apply white details onto their art works. The brush pen comes with white, water-proof pigment ink that can be used on top of other pigment-inks or oil-based pigments, and would still retain its water-resistance. The soft bristle provides a lot of flexibility for stroke widths, making it extremely helpful when using the brush pen for calligraphy or hand-lettering.

Before using, unscrew the brush section(clear section) of the pen from the pen barrel (white section) and remove the yellow separation ring. Then screw the brush section back on. Hold the brush pen vertically with the brush section facing down, and slightly squeeze the plastic barrel multiple times to encourage ink flowing out of the cartridge. You will be able to see ink flowing down through the clear plastic section, and the brush pen will be able to write when it is fully saturated with ink.

  • Synthetic bristle brush tip
  • Squeeze the sides of the pen to encourage the ink to flow
  • Water-based white pigment ink
  • Water-resistant
  • Refill cartridges available