Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Pigments - Set of 48

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Set of 48 Gansai Tambi Pigment Inks.

Gansai tambi are recognized by their vibrance and quick dissolution, and act much more like Gouache than traditional watercolors. Water-based pigment paint can be highly opaque when used solely as a Gouache but can also become more transparent depending on the amount of water added for dilution.

  • Colors included: White, Black, Cadmium Scarlet, Red, Rose Madder Deep, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Sap Green, Viridian, Ultramarine, Indigo, Rose Madder, Sap Green Light, Hooker's Green, Ultramarine Pale, Turquoise Blue, Cobalt Violet, Cadmium Yellow, Raw Umber Deep, Malachite, Olive Green, Turquoise Green Deep, Sap Green Deep, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Orange, Carmine, Purple, Imperial Violet, Aureolin, Forest Green, Cerulean Blue, Prussian Blue, Gold, Bluish Gold, White Gold, Natural Beige, Rose Beige, Lilac, Cherry Blossom Pink, Gray, Greenish Yellow, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, Blue Gray Deep, Horizon Blue, Indian Red, Maroon
  • Water-based pigment
  • Each color comes in a removable tray that can be replaced
  • The Set of 48 comes with a removable swatch card for keeping a quick reference of all the colors in the set
  • Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Pigments Available in Set of 12Set of 24Set of 36 and Set of 48