Kokuyo Sketch Book - Yacho Business Colors

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The original Kokuyo Sketch Books, called Sokuryo Yacho, have risen to iconic status in the stationery world with their slim page counts, eye-catching forest green covers, gold embossed "Sketch Book" branding, and unique pocket size. Originally designed by Kokuyo in 1959, the Sketch Book was intended for engineers to use in their field surveys. It has a hardcover, making it suitable for note taking during work outdoors as the hardcover provides a surface to write upon, and the size allows you to easily slip it into a pocket. These classic notebooks have been rising again in popularity with the release of many limited and special editions including their 60th anniversary editions featuring adorable animals such as wombats and kangaroos with pouches (since it is a pocket notebook) and collaborations with many different designers and companies such as the brightly colored covers by trystams. 

As a response to the adaptation of these notebooks for more than just field work purposes but also across many professional and personal interest settings, Kokuyo has released these classic Sketch Books in the new Yacho Business Colors. By replacing the bright cerulean blue grid with a cool and subtle toned grey grid, you are now able to fill in letters, graphs, tables and more using the grids without interference when you are looking back through your notebook. 

  • Dimensions: 165mm x 95mm (6.6" x 3.8")
  • 40 sheets
  • 3mm grid