Kokuyo PASTA Soft Marker

Ocher (YL3)
Beige (PO2)
Gray (GY1) Click for restock
Steel Gray (GY2)
Burnt Umber (BR2) Click for restock
Black (BK1)
Ultramarine Blue (BL3)
Blue (BL1)
Blue Green (BG1) Click for restock
Aqua Blue (BL2) Click for restock
Deep Green (GR2) Click for restock
Viridian (BG2) Click for restock
Green (GR1)
Grass Green (YG2)
Yellow Green (YG1)
Purple (PP1)
Lilac (PP2) Click for restock
Pink (RD2)
Wine Red (RP2)
Maroon (BR3)
Brown (BR1)
Red Purple (RP1)
Red (RD1)
Vermilion (RD3)
Orange (OR1)
Yellow Orange (OR2)
Pale Orange (PO1)
Marigold (YL2) Click for restock
Yellow (YL1)

PASTA soft marker is a solid graphic marker that features vivid color smooth drawing experience. The marker feels like a crayon but it's water-based and diverse for color mixing by shading and layering.

The dimension of the marker is made of a square core of 4mm by 7mm, which is easy to paint on small places. It can be used not only as a drawing material but also a line marker. 

In 2018, Kokuyo started a new initiative "Kokuyo Colors", which aims to create new type of drawing tools for adult, and PASTA is the first product from the initiative.

  • Available in 30 colors: Ocher, Beige, Gray, Steel Gray, Burnt Umber, Black, Navy, Ultramarine Blue, Blue, Blue Green, Aqua Blue, Deep Green, Viridian, Green, Grass Green, Yellow Green, Purple, Lilac, Pink, Wine Red, Maroon, Brown, Red Purple, Red, Vermilion, Orange, Yellow Orange, Pale Orange, Marigold, Yellow
  • Also available in 30 Color Set10 Color Set and  5 Neon Color Set.
  • Refill

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