KOKUYO Gloo Adhesive Tape Roller - Small


Kokuyo Gloo Adhesive Tape Roller

GLOO is a collaboration between Kokuyo and Nendo to redesign a series of simplified version of adhesive products. This adhesive tape roller can be considered as a combination of Kokuyo's dot liners and the Gloo adhesive series. It comes in three variants of adhesiveness, with the lightest level starting at Re-stickable(Gray), which allows you to remove the adhered subject without damaging the paper surface. The Disappearing Blue version works the same as the Gloo Glue Stick, where it first leaves blue glue on the applied surface, and the coloration will disappear after a few seconds. The Wrinkle Free(Orange) version is a strong adhesive that allows you to adhere papers neatly and prevents wrinkles from forming.

The body of the roller is also an upgraded design that is both ergonomic and adjustable in 2 ways. While you rotate the tape roller out of the protective case, a shield for the dispensing beak will automatically retract. The tape roller can be easily adjusted into two separate shapes that fits different applying occasions. The glue dots on the tape are arranged with spacing in between to strengthen the stickiness. The double-sided tape can also be removed with an eraser. 



About Kokuyo:
Kokuyo started in 1905. Their mission is to solve the small problems people encounter in their work and daily lives. Many products from them come with a small clever twist to improve an existing idea.