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Kitaboshi 634 Pencil Sharpener

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Kitaboshi 634 is a two-step pencil sharpener that is gentle on the core and reduces breakage. The two holes for sharpening are labeled 1 and 2 - step 1 shaves the wood off of fresh pencils and should only be used for new pencils, and step 2 can be used to sharpen the tip to a desired sharpness. This multifunctional sharpener features a detachable top lid that can be rotated and placed accordingly to accommodate for 7mm, 8mm or 10mm pencils. A spacious bottom compartment catches pencil shavings. 

  • Two-step sharpner
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 4.8 cm 
  • Sharpenes 7mm, 8mm and 10mm pencils
  • Bottom compartment catches shavings

About Kita-Boshi Pencil Co:

Kita-Boshi Pencil Co started as a lumber company in Japan in 1909. In 1944, they started making their first pencil. The company's mission is to follow the "pencil principle". The pencil principle was inspired by how a pencil sacrifices its own body to let everyone write -- and to do so, the core/lead is required to be centered precisely. While fewer people are using pencils these days, Kita-Boshi continues their mission to re-innovate the pencil industry with new products. They came out with their "Pencil for Grownups" in 2012 and earlier in 2018 they came out with "Beginning Pencil"

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