Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen - Special Red

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Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen Special Red is an extension to the Kaweco Collection series. This edition of Collectors Edition features a red color with gold detailing. Kaweco's SPECIAL line prominently features their signature octagonal design. This fountain pen is great for a writer who prefers a heavier and longer pen. The surface of this fountain pen is a smooth matte red. Capped, then pen is about 5.6 inches long and when the cap is posted to the backside of the pen, it measures about 6.6 inches. Threading on the back of the pen allows you to screw the cap on to the back of the pen if posting. The long barrel and clean matte surface of the Special Fountain Pen make this a very elegant and sleek pen.


  • Length capped: 5.6 in (14.1 cm)
  • Length posted: 6.6 in (16.8 cm)

About Kaweco:
Kaweco is a manufacturer of writing instruments based in Heidelberg, Germany. It was founded in 1883 as Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik and later renamed to Kaweco. Kaweco has a long history of making dipping pens, pocket-sized fountain pens, fountain pens and nibs.