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Kamiterior Memoterior Writing Memo Pad. This collection of memo pads comes in 3 varieties with different types of paper suitable for fountain pens, for pencils, or for ballpoint pens. Each memo pad comes with a total 100 sheets of paper, consisting of 20 sheets each of 5 different types of paper. The paper types in each pad were chosen specifically for that writing instrument so you can find your favorite paper depending on what you like to use to write with.

  • Comes in 3 varieties: For Fountain Pen, For Pencil, and For Ballpoint Pen
  • 5 paper types x 20 sheets (100 sheets total)
  • Dimensions: 3.6 in x 5.0 in (13.2 cm x 9.1 cm)
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See below for which papers are included in each pad and what makes &them special!

  • For Fountain Pen:
    • OK Fools: The crispness to this paper is quite nostalgic of how writing with a fountain pen once was. This paper also features quick ink absorbency and little ghosting.
    • Bank Paper: You’ll enjoy the tight texture of the paper and velvety smooth glide of your pen.
    • Tomoe River: Despite being thin, this paper is difficult to tear or rip through and is suitable for note-taking.
    • Spica Bond: This paper is a blend of cotton fibers which allows for outstanding ink absorption.
    • Eastly CoC: This paper is a lovely light cream color and ink gets absorbed quickly.
    • Fountain pens/Inks used in photo: Pilot Metropolitan (F nib) with Namiki Blue Ink // Twsbi Eco (B nib) with Lennon Tool Bar Oyster Ink
  • For Pencil:
    • Special White Drawing: This high-white paper is especially ideal for artists. The paper itself features a smooth grain and elasticity, and the bright whiteness enhances colors.
    • Diamond Bulky: This paper’s special characteristic is its firm texture and a subdued white color.
    • Opera Clear Max: The tender natural color of this paper and softness is what makes this paper ideal for both writing and reading.
    • OCR: This type of paper is most often used for medical forms and surveys. It has very little elasticity which makes it suitable to be read easily by digital scanners.
    • Slight: The nonchalant and delicate texture of the paper allows for the texture of your pencil marks to show and make a real impression.
    • Pencils used in photo: Kita-boshi Pencil // Pentel P207 (0.7mm) Mechanical Pencil
    • For Ballpoint Pen:
      • FC Dream: This paper feels like silk and the pleasant white color of the paper allows for an abundance of expression. FC Dream is non-coated, full color, multipurpose printer paper.
      • Cream Ledger: This paper is a matte cream color with a little firmness making it ideal for note taking and what you might find in an account ledger.
      • Marshmallow CoC Snow White: A high-grade printing paper that feels like powdered snow and stands the test of time. It’s durable and withstands multiple uses.
      • Neue Grey: This paper is is an ashen grey without high brightness. The supple paper quality and high opaqueness makes it ideal for use in books, envelopes, and notebooks.
      • Peacock Kent: This paper is so exceedingly smooth your pen will glide across the page.
      • Pen used in photo: Stalogy Water-Based Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen (0.5mm)

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