Kamio Color Swatch Washi Sticker Roll

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Kamio Color Swatch Washi Sticker Rolls are rolls of washi tape circles that you can use as adhesive tape in your journal, planner or on a letter. You can also use them decoratively or organizationally to color code and label. Each sticker is circular in shape but not a perfect circle, and the colors have a watercolor effect, giving them almost a hand drawn look, instantly adding charm and a handmade feeling to any note or journal entry you are using them for. Each roll has 8 different colored stickers.

About Kamio Japan:

Kamio Japan is a stationery brand established in 1987 that began as “Fancy Variety Shop”, a retail shop selling cute goods and stationery. But as time went on, they launched their manufacturing company with the goal to make their own products. Kamio is the combination of two Japanese words: kami meaning “paper” and o meaning “king”. They stand by the power of paper and handwritten notes, no matter how far technology pushes us toward digital means of communication. Kamio Japan hopes to become the “King of Paper” in Japan.